Country Garden Table packages starting at $530

Our Country Garden Tables seat up to 8 guests traditional style

and measure 32 in. x 8 ft. long and 30 in. tall

large table

Linens or not, the wood finish always complements your setting.


Indoors or out, they will showcase your event

outdoor tables

table set outdoors

Seating family style, end to end.

tables end to end

large seating table

formal set table

Bridal party or head table

bridal party table

outdoor bridal party

Sweetheart Table

Seats just the bride and groom

Measures 32 in. wide by 6 ft. long


sweetheart table outside

sweetheart table with flowers

sweetheart king queen table

sweetheart kind and queen table2


Cake table or dessert table 

desserts on table

wedding cake on table

wedding desserts on table


Appetizer Table


appatizer on table


Country Garden Bar

Mobile bar measures 32 in. wide by 8 ft. long

mobile bar table